All About Acoustic Guitars

For many centuries now, musical instruments have been a big part of the musical community. These instruments include piano, violin, harp, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute, piccolo, clarinet, baritone as well as many different forms of the guitar. The guitar comes in many different shapes and sizes. These include the bass guitar, the electric guitar, and the acoustic guitar. This discourse will specify the latter – the acoustic guitar.

An acoustic guitar is different from an electric guitar and a bass guitar because it does not rely on an amp for sound. An acoustic guitar uses primarily the vibration of the strings to transmit sound in the air. Electric guitars require an amp to produce sound in the air. The same goes for bass guitars, which also require an amp or some kind to produce sound. Amplification of the sound by acoustic guitars also heavily depend on a soundboard of some type. Soundboards allow the sound to resonate from the guitar when a string is played or strummed. Without a proper soundboard, when a acoustic guitar is played the sound will not be loud.

Further sound amplification in an acoustic guitar is due to its hollow body. A hollow body of the guitar allows the sound to echo or resonate, increasing the sound application.

Acoustic guitars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. For simplicity purposes, these acoustic types are categorized into three groups. The first is the classical acoustic guitar which is a nylon or gut-stringed guitar. This group includes guitars such as the Vihuela, the Gittern, the Baroque guitar, the Romantic guitar, the Flamenco guitar, the Russian or Gypsy Guitar, and the Lute.

The second category is guitars that use steel strings. This group is a large one and includes the western-folk guitar, the classic steel-stringed guitar, the Twelve-string guitar, the Resonator guitar, Archtop guitar, the Maccaferri guitar, the Battente guitar, the Lap steel guitar, the Lap Slide guitar, the Lyre guitar, and the Parlor guitar.

The third category is the other variants. This group includes the Harp guitar, Pikasso guitar, and the Banjo guitar.

All in all, guitars are a prominent musical instrument in the modern world. There are electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars are used in many different genres of music. There are many different types of guitars based on the strings that they each use to produce sound.

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